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3 Signs it May Be Time to Install a Stairlift
6 Feb

3 Signs it May Be Time to Install a Stairlift

Most Americans desire (over 90%) to “age in place” as a means to stay independent for as long as possible. Installing a stairlift in the home is one means by which this is possible. But when is the right time to install a stairlift? Here are three signs it may be time to consider this option.

Daily Tasks Become Increasingly Difficult-As we get older, the time may come when certain daily tasks become more difficult than they used to be. Climbing the stairs can put a lot of pressure on joints and muscle groups which older people can find incredibly painful. Other conditions such as arthritis or a previous hip fracture – as well as general aging – can also impact on movement, and this can leave the body in a state of vulnerability when it comes to moving about the home.

Difficult Access to Second Floor Bathroom or Bedroom-Perhaps there is a mobility issue that limits an individual’s ability to get up and down the stairs to access a 2nd-floor bathroom or bedroom. Many seniors own older homes with a floor plan that presents challenges to mobility. In all other respects, the senior is healthy, competent, and able to live alone without daily assistance. In some cases, a frail senior may not be completely immobile, but navigating the stairs is a health risk not worth taking. If a transition to one-floor living is not affordable or practical, a stairlift may be the best bet for aging in place safely and efficiently.

The most reliable way of detecting whether your mobility calls for the help of a mobility aid like a stairlift is by seeing your doctor or an occupational therapist. A doctor will be equipped with the skills and experience required to determine the extent to which your movement ability has been reduced by either aging or a medical condition.

Medical Conditions That Limit Mobility-If you are suffering rheumatoid arthritis symptoms or another mobility reducing illness, the installation of a home stairlift could help ease the pressure put on joints when moving around the home. Stairlifts which feature a joystick operation feature are easier to use for those who suffer from arthritis, as they only involve slight movements of the wrist.

Renting a stairlift may also be a good option. As with any major purchase decision, choosing to rent or buy depends on your personal situation — for instance, your budget — and need for the lift. If the need is long-term, it may make sense to purchase a new or used one. However, if you are looking for a temporary solution, renting is a viable solution.

Feel free to contact A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh for a free consultation when the time comes to decide if you or a loved one may need the freedom of mobility while staying in the comfort of your own home.

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