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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors
21 Mar

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

It’s the time of year to bust out the duster and wipe away winter cobwebs. Spring cleaning is a refreshing activity that many (well, some of us) enjoy. Despite increasing age, seniors can accomplish a great deal while not putting a strain on their bodies. Even when requiring some assistance, senior friends or family members can benefit from engaging in cleaning up their living space. Here are some spring cleaning tips for seniors that will make tidying a bit easier.


The Power of the Broom

Did you know that a broom can be used for more than simply sweeping the floor? A broom can help seniors get into hard to reach places without bending down or over-extending their back, arms, or legs. Here are some alternative uses for a broom

  • Reach into high corners and get rid of cobwebs
  • Run over air vents to get rid of built-up dust
  • Cover the bristles with a wet soapy rag to clean in and around the bathtub or shower
  • Cover the bristles with a dry rag and spray with wood cleaner to polish baseboards and wooden furniture.


Bins and Labels

Numerous miscellaneous items pile up during the winter. Plastic storage bins are a great way to stow unnecessary items for the time being.  By labeling these bins, you not only make it easy to organize items now but for future spring cleanings. Labels also help organize those useful tools a senior may use on a regular basis. Labeling prepared meals, medication, medical equipment, cleaning products, or other essentials can help the elderly stay organized in the coming spring and summer.



Once the non-essential things have been binned and labeled, a second look may bring to attention the potential to donate items. It may be difficult to completely part with long-held items, but research has shown that decluttering has positive impacts on physical and mental health, while accumulating a plethora of unnecessary items may have the opposite effect.


Ensuring Safety

As the caretaker of a senior, safety is most likely one of your biggest concerns.  As the spring cleaning is going on, keep on the lookout for any safety hazards that may have gone unnoticed during the winter. These may include

Uneven floorboards

  • Uneven folds in carpet
  • Loose or unsecured wires
  • Overloaded outlets
  • Uneven stairs
  • Mold or rust


Spring is the season of new beginnings. We all feel invigorated and refreshed once a thorough spring cleaning is completed. While seniors may need us to assist with more difficult aspects of spring cleaning, there is still plenty that they can do to take part in this season of growth. 

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