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Why is A+ STAIRLIFTS OF PITTSBURGH your smartest choice?

There are many great reasons to purchase a stairlift. But why should you call A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh to help you with this important decision? Were locally owned for one, but here are some other great reasons to give us a call.

1. We specialize only in stairlifts.

Some, like medical supply companies, have a broad inventory with no true specialization in any one product. We are experts on stairlifts and only stairlifts, and we’ll make sure you are educated on each available model for your needs.

2. We sell only the best brands of stairlifts.

We don’t carry and sell just any stairlift. We must have trust in the workmanship and structural integrity of every stairlift, because once it is installed in your home we want you to have that same trust.

3. We carry models to suit individual needs.

We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to. Whatever your specific need is, we’re confident we can help find you the perfect stairlift solution.

4. Our stairlifts can fit all types of stairs.

From steep or curved staircases to sets of stairs with more than one flight, A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh can find you exactly what you need to perfectly complement your home.

5. We’ll state discount pricing up front.

If we can find a way to save you money, we will let you know immediately. No hassle, no haggling. Stairlifts are a major purchase for many individuals, and we know that cost is an important factor. Let us know your situation, and we’ll be there to help.

6. A+ StairLifts carries both new and used models.

Depending on a customer’s specific needs and budgets , the purchase of a previously used Stairlift can provide an viable option. We can certainly help you with that – and know that each previously-owned chair has been fully inspected and serviced by our expert installers before you sit down on that stairlift the very first time.

7. Short term rentals available.

In some cases, customers contact us with situations that warrant the use of a stairlift for a short period of time. We provide short term rentals for families and individual during hospice care, non-weight bearing injuries, or until a residential “down-size” is completed.

8. We offer a product buy-back program*.

Designed for those times when a customer is no longer in need of their straight rail stairlift we offer a buy-back program. We know, in many cases, when a stairlift is no longer needed it can become just another one of many overwhelming tasks you are burdened with. One call to A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh and the chore of removing your stairlift is solved with ease. *Buy-back program is offered based on stairlift model, age, and condition.

9. Convenient Payment Options that suit you.

This includes cash, personal checks and major credit cards. A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh also offers 12 months interest free financing with approved credit thru a financial institution.

10. Installation by Professionals.

We promise, with A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh, you won’t get boxes on your porch with a bag of instructions that you can barely read and the wrong number of screws. We provide installation by professional, courteous installers and skilled at what they do. You let us know the stairlift you would like, and we’ll take care of the rest. All you have to do is enjoy the ride once your quick installation is complete.

11. We provide ongoing maintenance service.

Once your chair is in place, know that A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh will still be there for you. For both regular service and emergency maintenance of your stairlift, we’re only a phone call away.

12. Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

Owner, Carl D’Alicandro, CSA, is the area’s only independent stairlift dealer who is a Certified Senior Advisor. His years of experience working with seniors and CSA certification provides the sum of knowledge, skilled communication, and high ethical standards to help his customers and their families.

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