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Ideas for Planning a Senior Day Trip

Are you and your aging loved one ready to get out of the house and enjoy the warmer weather? With the budding trees, rolling hills and running creeks, Spring in Pittsburgh is the perfect time of year to plan a senior day trip.   Phipps Conservatory: A hidden gem tucked in the city, Phipps Conservatory […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

It’s the time of year to bust out the duster and wipe away winter cobwebs. Spring cleaning is a refreshing activity that many (well, some of us) enjoy. Despite increasing age, seniors can accomplish a great deal while not putting a strain on their bodies. Even when requiring some assistance, senior friends or family members can […]

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Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility

With winter on its last leg, many of us are getting ready to shake off those winter blues and get back to planning our favorite hobbies and recreation. Whether hiking, playing sports, or simply going out with friends, the coming Spring season holds hope and promise. However, if you are caring for a loved one with limited mobility, […]

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3 Signs it May Be Time to Install a Stairlift

Most Americans desire (over 90%) to “age in place” as a means to stay independent for as long as possible. Installing a stairlift in the home is one means by which this is possible. But when is the right time to install a stairlift? Here are three signs it may be time to consider this […]

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Giving Back to a Generous Senior Couple

Aplus Stairlifts of Pittsburgh was honored to be mentioned in an article by Anne Linaberger from Sparkt on January 24th.  Anne Reports, “After years of giving back and sacrificing for others (they sometimes worked without salary when the Army couldn’t afford to pay them), now the Dean’s need help. Sandy has Parkinson’s, which left her a […]

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3 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Socially Active

Being social is more than just having fun. According to the Center for Advancing Health, elderly people who are socially active and maintain or increase interactions with others as they age have a slower progression of health declines than elderly people who are less socially engaged. How can you help seniors stay social? Here are […]

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Mobility Loss Among Seniors

Among the elderly, the loss of mobility can be one of the most challenging situations they face. Trouble moving and walking can not only make daily activities difficult. It can also lead to feelings of depression, isolation, and loss of independence. However, if you know the cause of the loss of mobility, you have options […]

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