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A look at stairlift design types

There are many different types of stairlifts available, but in general they fall into two main categories: straight and curved. The latter are the more customized products, with the stairlift rail having to fit around the shape of your stairs.

Left handed? It’s no problem. Most stairlift controls are easy to use and can be set up on either side of the lift. No worries about having to reach over your body to operate the unit. Some high-end models now provide dual controls on each armrest.

Seated Stairlifts for Straight Staircases

FStraight Acorn Stairlifts by A+ stairlifts of Pittsburghor individuals with straight staircases, the placement of a stairlift that runs along a straight rail is the most common. Most models have fixed or drop-down seats attached.

Installation really only becomes problematic with straight staircases if the stairs are especially narrow. While this doesn’t normally pose a significant problem, we want you to keep this in mind as you look over your stairlift design options.

If your staircase design is mostly straight but curves right at the top, you may want to choose a straight stairlift plus a “bridging platform,” which can enable the lift to better reach the landing.

Because straight stairlifts are the easiest type to install, they are also generally the least expensive.

Seated Stairlifts for Curved Staircases

If a stairlift goes round a corner, it is classified as curved. Curved stairlifts are more complicated products than straight ones, requiring curved rails to fit the staircase’s exact shape. Because of this, they are usually a more expensive products.

Standing Stairlifts

Standing stairlifts are often chosen for installation when a user has a particularly narrow staircase that won’t fit a seated lift. Keep in
mind, though, that the headroom of the staircase must be high enough to fit your entire standing body.

For those with problems bending at the knees, standing stairlifts are often a more suitable option. Some standing stairlifts even have a small ledge to help you keep your balance.

Standing lift designs are not appropriate for everyone, however. If you are prone to dizzy spells, or perhaps don’t have enough physical strength to stand for a few minutes, then a standing lift could be dangerous despite many models having attached grab rails.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are stairlifts installed outside on a set of stairs leading to the front door of a property, or maybe down to a garden or backyard. These are essentially the same as indoor straight and curved stairlifts, but they are made of weather-resistant materials.

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