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Thinking of buying a stairlift?

Look no further. A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh will give you the answers to questions you probably have about selecting a stairlift, many of which may be the same as other past customers. We get questions every day about every facet of the process, and we’ll do our best to give you the best, most complete and most honest answer possible.

We live in an age of stairlifts, which enable those with moving difficulties to scale flights of stairs with ease. The technology that has come about over the last few decades has been such a benefit to those previously confined to just one floor of their home. Stairlifts have offered new freedom to these individuals, and we are truly excited to be a part of bringing that freedom to you.

You’ve come to the right place to start that journey – we are the best!

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The stairs we take for granted most of our lives often become the primary reason that seniors or the disabled lose access to many parts of their home. Often, they are confined to a small space, forced to sell their house or spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating to gain accessibility.

A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh's affordable stairlift solutions makes homes fully accessible allowing you to remain in the freedom of your comfortable home.

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