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Navy SEAL Vet Frustration
6 Dec

Navy SEAL Vet Frustration

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Navy SEAL injured in a tragic training accident reached out to Get Marty for help.

“I can’t stand going to the VA. I just get frustrated,” said Lt. Junior Grade Brandon Myers.  The 28-year-old Navy SEAL fell nearly 40 feet on a SEAL training run last year. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

“I will walk again. I will not let this accident keep me down,” he said.

LTJG Myers is rehabilitating and living in California. He said he became very frustrated by his ability to get the right help from the VA.

“It took months and months to get a stair lift. I needed it immediately,” LTJG Myers said.

The Get Marty team got involved when LTJG Myers needed a stair lift installed at his family home in Elizabeth.

Groups of volunteers installed ramps and a wall. Volunteers we contacted installed the stair lift last week.

“I am so grateful. It gives me new faith in humanity,” said LTJG Myers.

Meanwhile, the VA says the agency is doing much better job at getting veterans they need. The VA says a lot of changes have been made.

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