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There are a number of different facets to take into consideration if you are having a stairlift (also known as a stair climber, stair chair, wheelchair lift) installed into your Harmar Township, PA home. First of all, you want to make sure that the product itself is of the highest possible quality, and your stairlift should be backed by a reliable warranty. Clearly, you want to work with a stairlift dealer that is willing to stand behind its work.

The mobility professionals at A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh are with you, and we are deeply committed to quality on every conceivable level. We source our stairlifts from the industry leaders such as Acorn, Harmer, MediTek and Brooks.

We founded A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh right here in Pittsburgh and we are not a franchise. Our success says a lot about the way that Harmar Township, PA customers feel about our work. Over the years, we have been able to do a lot of research. Our goal is to identify the most reliable, cost-efficient stairlifts that are available anywhere.  In regards to our stairlifts we have concluded that the Acorn sits at the top of stairlift excellence. When you purchase a stairlift that has the Acorn name on it, you can go forward with full confidence, because you have the stamp of stairlift excellence behind you.

Top Quality Stairlifts in the Harmar Township, PA area

Harmar Township was named after Harmar Denny, a U.S. congressman. The Township is entirely in the Allegheny River drainage basin and contains one undeveloped state park, Allegheny Islands State Park, on three alluvial islands in the Allegheny River. Deer Creek flows through the township where it joins the Allegheny at Harmar.

A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh is the leading supplier of stairlifts (also known as chair lifts, stair climbers, wheelchair lift) in Harmar Township. We pledge excellence in accessibility to our customers and believe our affordable stairlifts are something the residents of Harmar need and deserve.


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A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh is your smartest choice for affordable stairlift solutions.

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We know that many medical supply companies sell stairlifts. And for the most part, just any run-of-the-mill stairlift model may work just fine. However, our goal is to provide the best solution to your personal, specific mobility needs. We offer nothing less than the best manufactured stairlifts available on the market today.

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