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A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh provides affordable stairlift solutions for seniors, property managers, general contractors, architects, and builders in Oakmont, PA

We are glad that you found your way to our Oakmont, PA stairlift information page. Our company, A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh, is dedicated to the mobility needs of people in our area.

When you recognize the value of our experience, you will undoubtedly feel confident working with us. This journey started for A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh in 2009, and we have continued to build on our experience and expertise over the years. At this point, we feel as though we are at the pinnacle of the home mobility industry here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We know the residents of Oakmont take pride in their town and history, as it’s been continually reflected in its prestigious Oakmont Country Club, famous Oakmont Bakery and Oaks Theatre.  Because of this, we believe you will appreciate the professionalism, outstanding customer service and high quality products A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh has to offer.

Our mobility experts are knowledgeable, committed professionals, and they can be trusted to guide you through the process with care and respect. Ultimately, you can go forward with peace of mind as you make your home safer and more secure.

We offer some amazing solutions for Oakmont, Pa seniors who might be interested in renovating their homes to accommodate their needs as they age in place.

As you might imagine, we have had the opportunity over the last 8 years to research the various stairlift manufacturers. We are passionate about quality, and we offer nothing but the very best. Our stairlift line is top-notch; we offer industry-standard solutions for curved and straight stairways.

Stairlift Service and Rentals for Oakmont, Pa residents

Not only does A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh sell and install stairlifts, but we also offer stairlift rentals if a temporary solution is a better option for your family.  Contact our mobility experts and we can help you determine the best choice for you.

You can also count on our expert technicians to confidently service stairlifts that you may already have in your home.  We offer ongoing maintenance and repair service to the Oakmont community, whether or not you’ve purchased a home mobility solution from us or another supplier.  You can trust A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh to keep you up and running!

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A stairlift can make your Oakmont, PA home comfortable once again.  No matter if you are located east or west of town, A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh has the residents of Oakmont covered.   If you would like to discuss your stairlift needs, call the owner, Carl D’Alicandro, CSA is a specialist in industry. So, call today.


A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh is your smartest choice for affordable stairlift solutions in Oakmont, Pa

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We know that many medical supply companies sell stairlifts. And for the most part, just any run-of-the-mill stairlift model may work just fine. However, our goal is to provide the best solution to your personal, specific mobility needs. We offer nothing less than the best manufactured stairlifts available on the market today.

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