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Providing Munhall, PA Stairlift Solutions

We welcome you to the page we’ve created for our neighbors in Munhall, PA who are looking for a stairlift (also known as chair lift, stair climber, wheelchair lift, stair chair). The name of our company is A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh, and we’ve been providing mobility solutions for the people in Munhall since 2009. In Munhall, people honor the past, celebrate the present, and welcome the future.

As the story goes- sometime before 1780, within Munhall’s borough boundaries, the first settler constructed a house and a barn. And so the more than 200-year history of a close-knit community thriving on the hillsides of the Monongahela River begins. It is believed that Sebastian Frederick, a self-sufficient farmer and craftsman, was the first to call this area home. Today, the community of Munhall is a true showcase of its beautiful mosaic of history.

Munhall Borough is best known for its heart. Unique for its big yards, sidewalks, walking-distance library and parks, as well as nearby shopping, entertainment and dining- Munhall is a true treasure. But the heart of our community is what holds people here. The steel industry shaped the borough beginning in 1879, and as the century unfolded, lives were shaped as well- Civil and World Wars, economic depressions, the heyday and downfall of the steel mills. These historical events brought the community closer together.

The experiences gave the town character, heart and soul- and the fortitude to adapt, reinvent and push forward. Much can also be said of our company, which is locally run and operated yet we have always partnered with the manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of modern technology. If you decide to purchase a stairlift from us, it will come from an industry leader.  We offer solutions that are manufactured by well-known stairlift companies such as Acorn, Brooks, MediTek and Harmar.

We Make Things Easy For Our Munhall, PA Stairlift Customers

A lot of people who are interested in a stairlift installation are hesitant, because they have a number of different concerns. First of all, where do you start? The typical person is not going to know much about stairlifts, and this is understandable as it is usually a one-time purchase. Plus, there is the installation factor. When you look at your staircase, you may see a somewhat irregular path leading to an oddly shaped landing. How can a stairlift be installed to accommodate the quirky nature of your staircase? Thirdly, you are facing a big decision. It can be intimidating to be forced to commit to a stairlift installation when you are not entirely sure about what you are getting into.

We offer some amazing solutions for Munhall, Pa seniors who might be interested in renovating their homes to accommodate their needs as they age in place.

We truly understand your concerns, and we will help guide you through your purchase process step-by-step.  When you contact us initially, our knowledgeable advisors will answer all of your questions thoroughly in a fully understandable, down-to-earth manner. If you decide to go forward, we will arrange for an in-home assessment, and this is something that we provide absolutely free of charge. Finally, if you decide that you are ready to purchase a stairlift, our expert technicians will install the lift in a professional and efficient manner making it easy and stress-free for all of our home mobility customers.

Give the owner, Carl D’Alicandro, (he’s a Certified Senior Advisor) a Call Right Now and he’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have!



A+ StairLifts of Pittsburgh is your smartest choice for affordable stairlift solutions.

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We know that many medical supply companies sell stairlifts. And for the most part, just any run-of-the-mill stairlift model may work just fine. However, our goal is to provide the best solution to your personal, specific mobility needs. We offer nothing less than the best manufactured stairlifts available on the market today.

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